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​Nanairo Reiki

Light Energy for Awakening Light Body and Consciousnes

What is happening to us now?

Our Earth is in the midst of a dimensional ascension into the 5th dimension.
The vibrational frequency is rising and the density of light is becoming lighter.

Your true self (Higher Self) begins to awaken as you know your true self.

Your consciousness begins to expand and your vibration begins to rise.

As you get closer to your true self, the process of self-love, self-integration, and
The process of returning to Source begins.

Nanairo encourages evolution and mutation of your consciousness and body to fit the new Earth.

Nanairo is one of the energies that promotes the evolution and mutation of consciousness and body to fit the new earth.

With Nanairo, we begin to receive higher dimensional energy from the universe that has been pouring down to the earth, which we were not able to receive before.

At the same time, the transformation of consciousness begins, the body mutates into a light body, and integration with the soul (spirit) accelerates.

The chakras are activated, and energy circuits that have been previously unused are opened, beginning with the development of the 5th sense and progressing to the 6th and 7th senses.

We bring Nanairo to you, souls who have decided that humanity is awakening to its true self and creating its own identity through the integration of mind, body, and soul.

We are here on this earth to support your awakening and the mutation of your body.

Nanairo is one of many energies to support you in connecting to your true self.

There are many ways to connect to the energy of your true self, including awareness in daily life, contact with nature, meditation, yoga, energy work, art, music, and art.

We invite you to utilize Nanairo with your own sense of freedom.

Unconditional love to you


About Nanairo

Be yourself and sparkle with the energy of light

We  received an updated form of  Healing energy  in April 2021.This energy is tailed to the modern human mind and body.

This energy works both mentally and physically, remotely and multidimensionally, and healings are completed in

about 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
It also features automatic updates.
Updates are provided by the Universe

on a regular basis.

At that time, you will feel the energy at the top of your head. Crown Chakra

This Reiki energy is called "Nanairo,"

which in Japanese means seven colors 🌈

Nanairo Reiki is one of the energies that integrates the conscious, subconscious, and Higher Self to return to your true self.

The reality you are creating is created by you.
Be yourself, just as you are.
Nanairo Reiki 🌈 It is an energy of light that supports you to be yourself.

All the answers are inside you.
Enlightenment is the continuous awakening to your true self.


It is said that with the Earth's dimensional ascension, human consciousness will awaken and the body will transform into a Light Body. Please use the energy of Nanairo to attune your body and consciousness to the new vibration of the earth.

For humans, if the pipes for receiving higher energies become somewhat thicker, we can receive a wide variety of energies.

And the pathways that were previously closed will be opened and connected to multiple dimensions.
Your body is automatically activated to evolve and mutate.

To use an analogy, it is like moving from 3G to 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi.
By Mariko Sugita


  • Awareness of your true self

  • Activation of self-healing power

  • Chakura Activation

  • DNA Update

  • Grounding

  • Intuition Enhancement

  • Spirituality Improvement

  • Support physical evolution and change to match the next vibration of the earth

  • Expanding consciousness

  • Integration of body, mind and soul (spirit)

  • Light Body Awakening

  • Light Body Mutation Levels 1-12 Description

Nanairo Reiki will share the following in videos and posts
Please join our Facebook group.

Reiki and healing
Nanairo Reiki 
Dimension raising of consciousness
Mutation of the physical body
How to develop intuition
How to use consciousness
How to access multiple dimensions
Steps to mutate into the Light Body
How to raise your frequency
How to let go of old beliefs
About the Aura
Integrate and become the light
Becoming Your Own Power Spot
The Process to the 8th Sense
About ESP
About Manifestation
Sacred Geometry
Flower of Life
Soul Family, Twin Rays, Twin Flames... What you will meet to awaken
Know what you feel from your soul
Integration and Grid
Zero Point Field
Meditation to enter the Heart Space


What We Do

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Free Attunement

Currently, six masters have volunteered to give free attunements.


We offer attunements to anyone who is interested in learning about healing energies or is interested in learning more about them.


Please feel free to request an attunement.

This energy can be felt particularly strongly by those who have received a Reiki attunement, experienced Reiki healing, or are Reiki masters.

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Why we attune Nanairo

Nanairo healing energy can help you let go of unpleasant emotions and energies.
One by one, you will let go of emotions and energies that are not you, and become yourself.
You will realize that you have all the answers within you.

We offer free attunements.
It is a very powerful energy that is tailored for modern people.
The healing time is very fast and it is characterized by holographic healing in many dimensions: mental, physical and remote.

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Join Our Community

The Nanairo Reiki group is on Facebook.
Requests for free attunements can made by posting in the group.

There, everyone can share information on how to use Nanairo, its effects, and experiences.

Everyone is welcome to join for free. We are a safe, secure, and loving group.

How Does Nanairo Work?

1. Working Physically and mentally, it heals the human mind, body, and soul.
It has healing effects on animals, space, objects, and everything that exists in the universe.

2. If you want to heal negative emotions, please apply Nanairo Reiki. You will feel those feelings disappear. As soon as you feel an emotion or vibration that you don't need, say or think Nanairo, and the healing energy will flow.
It is effective to flow Nanairo several times a day.

3. Nanairo Reiki works on everything: pets, animals, places, houses, cars, wallets, money, space, etc.

4. Your vibrations will continue to rise. The speed at which your intentions become reality is accelerated.
Your dreams will become clearer and you will be able to contact higher dimensions more easily.
You will be able to feel your vibration rise higher dimensions.
You will be able to live as your higher self.


Attuned by Volunteer Masters

If you would like to receive an attunement, please post a request in the comments section of the Nanairo Reiki group on Facebook.
We will do the attunement remotely.

The energy of this Reiki is called "Nanairo" 🌈
This is because the energy is shimmering and looks like seven colors 🌈
I get a lot of requests for attunements, so we are  doing them little by little.
It will take some time.

Six Nanairo masters have volunteered to help with the attunement.
The members who have volunteered to do the attunements are as follows:

Everyone is welcome to join for free.
We are a safe, secure, and loving Facebook group.

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Nanairo Matsers

スクリーンショット (50).png



Nanairo Master

Integrated healing practitioner

Reiki Master 

​UE practitioner

Be Free

​Be Yourself, Love Yourself


My moto is "Play with everything that

happens in my life."

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Nanairo Master

Integrated Healing practitioner

Reiki Master​

Tuning Forks Healing

self-lover. Spreading love,


compassion and good vibes.

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Nanairo Master

Integrated Healing practitioner

Reiki Master 

  • Instagram

Everyone is welcome to join for free. We are a safe, secure, and loving our Facebook group.

If you are interested in learning more about Nanairo Reiki,

how to use it, how to get attuned to it, or if you would like Nanairo Reiki sent to you, please join the group.

Home: About
Home donation

Thank you for your support of Nanairo!

Our hope is that Nanairo Reiki will reach those who need it.
We are a group of volunteers, and we all enjoy learning about attunement, healing, usage, and effects in our spare time.

So far, we have given free Nanairo Reiki Attunements to over 5000 people.
We hope that this gift will reach those who need it.
Please support our activities.

Image by Lina Trochez


If you're interested in becoming a Master, please send us a message

Our activities just started on September 23, 2021, and we have not yet decided

what kind of activities we will do in the future.

Why don't we stay in the present, have fun, connect, empathize, and create together to see

what we can do for a loving world?

Let's live in
the present moment





Want to get involved? Contact us today.

Thanks for submitting!


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