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A line clearly appeared on my hand.

The event is still going on today. Something extraordinary happened! I was relaxing and reading a book about chakras.

Suddenly I became curious and looked at my palm, and a solid palm appeared on the diagonal line from my right wrist to the upper left.

What the heck!

A line clearly appeared on my hand.

I went to the fortune teller, Horyuukan, right in front of the event booth to have my palm read. I asked him for a palm reading and he said, "The lines on my hand don't appear here."

It seems to be an impossible palm print: 。。。。

The lines of the hand appearing and disappearing is also a notice from the soul, so, okay. Changes in consciousness and energy also occur, and organisms have evolved.

To be honest, I hesitated to write about this. I thought people would think I was weird.

But, after all, I don't care who thinks I'm weird or not! I'm having a lot of fun with what I'm going through right now.

There may be others who are suffering from similar experiences. There may be people who need my experience.

The more I connect with my true self The pineal gland in my head is buzzing and my whole body is telling me how to feel the energy.

Let's be honest about the fact that people's consciousness is changing and their bodies are changing and evolving along with them. I think

From now on, the true self is also easy to understand.

energy and the changes in our bodies will be directly communicated to us.

From now on, let's enjoy the experience of transformation without hesitation!

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