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About REIKI. The origin and meaning of the word Reiki from Japanese history is explained.

The origin and meaning of the word Reiki from Japanese history is explained. In Japan, ”REI" means spirit.

The old Kanji character "靈" originally means natural energy, which is the higher message of the universe and nature.

"KI" means energy.

Therefore, there are more than 1000 words using "KI" in Japan, and Japan has always had a good understanding of energy. In 1922, Mr. Usui had a lightning bolt of enlightenment in Kurama and named the energy he received Reiki.

Reiki, meaning "spiritual energy," had been in use in Japan before 1922. Even before Mr. USUI received Reiki, it was commonly used in Japan to refer to the healing energy emitted from the palms of the hands. At the end of World War II, the GHQ banned all energy therapies in Japan, which led to the demise of many Japanese spiritual arts in general.

However, Mrs. Hawayo of Hawaii spread Reiki throughout the world.

Regarding Reiki, I sometimes receive comments that Reiki is one thing, but in terms of Japanese history, it was a commonly used word and spiritual art before 1922. It was commonly used by the common people.

Mr. Usui has set up the symbol and KOTODAMA so that anyone can use the healing energy from the root of the universe that he has received.

From the history of Japan, I believe that there are many energies in this universe, and the energy from the root of the universe is diversified in power and type of energy we receive due to the change of our vibration frequency.

We respect Mr. USUI, REIKI practitioners and masters.

We wanted to let you know about the history of Reiki in Japan, and that in addition to Nanairo, there are many kinds of energies of love falling from the universe to people all over the world that are needed by people today.

We believe that anyone can receive it at any time.

In Japan, the kanji for reiki has been changed to a new one since the end of World War II. The meaning of the current kanji, REI, is Rei for the astral world. It has been changed to the Kanji of the frequency of the dimension of the ghost world, not the frequency band of the higher dimension.

As for KI, the kanji for rice, which means energy spreading in all directions, has been changed to a kanji that means to stop the release of energy. This has caused the Japanese to lose more of their spiritual power.

However, I was one of the Japanese who forgot about the spiritual arts, and that is how I came across Reiki.

It was just two years ago. I was amazed at how Reiki has spread all over the world. I am very happy that Reiki is spreading all over the world and that so many people love it, and I am very happy to be able to connect with you all. Thank you, Usui-sensei, Reiki practitioners, masters,

Nanairo practitioners and Nanairo masters.


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