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Chakra Healing Procedures for Others

There are many ways to do this, but I will describe the methods I recommend.

Healing to others.

1: Connect with Nanairo with the intention that the recipient will connect with their true self and be in a more natural energetic state.

From the following, do this without thinking. The universe will automatically flow the necessary energy to the client.

Be aware that the sender is a transparent pipe.

2: Send Nanairo to the 7th chakra (Crown chakra) at the top of the head.

3: Send Nanairo to the first chakra area( Root chakra).

4: Send Nanairo to the second chakra area. ( Sacral chakra)

5: Send Nanairo to the 3rd chakra area (Solar plexus chakra.)

6: Send Nanairo to the 4th chakra (Heart chakra)

7: Send Nanairo to the 5th chakra area (Throat chakra)

8: Send Nanairo to the 6th chakra area (Third eye chakra) area

9: Send Nanairo to the 7th chakra area (Crown chakra)

Procedure 7→1→2→3→4→5→6→7

If the person to whom you are sending the healing is in front of you, send the energy by pointing your palm or placing your hand on the person as you would with regular Reiki.

If remote, the same procedure is sent with the intention that the other party is in front of you.

The time to send the energy can be sensed, but for Nanairo, one minute each chakra.

Thank everything after the healing.

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