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How you can become a power spot.

Why are Sedona, Shasta and Mt. Fuji called "power spots"? They are said to exist on ley lines, but what do they really mean?

It is said that power spots are places where two faults are pushing each other with negative and positive forces, where there is a balance between acidic and alkaline ground, and where the N and S poles cancel each other's magnetic force, like a zero magnetic field.

When I go to Sedona, I often see twisted tree trunks.

I feel that the energy vortex is spiraling and the trunks are twisting naturally.

It is said that this world is made up of duality: female and male, positive and negative, light and shadow, yin and yang, right and left, up and down.

There are two polarities, and our consciousness tends to be biased one way or the other.

So why is this zero zero magnetic field (zero point magnetic field) a power spot?

Because it is a zero-point field, which is neither polar nor non-polar, both and neither.

Why is the Zero Point Field a power spot, a power spot where everyone gathers?

It has to do with the energy of the Zero Point Field.

I feel that the primordial energy of the universe is the Zero Point Field.

When Reiki energy flows, it touches the energy of the zero point. It is said that our true self (higher self consciousness) is also a zero point field.

If you can use kinesiology (muscle reflex testing), you will know that when you connect with your Higher Self in your subconscious mind and ask questions, you will usually get the answer, "Either.

The subconscious mind is made up of various types of consciousness, such as the ego, the body consciousness, and the higher self consciousness.

If you ask any consciousness other than your Higher Self the exact same question, you will get a definite "yes" or "no" answer.

Higher Self will usually say, "Either is fine.

Higher Self is the larger cosmic consciousness, and it allows you to choose either experience.

You are free to choose either, and both experiences are all wonderful experiences.

From the soul's perspective, the experience is what our consciousness wanted to do when it came down to this earth.

Is this what zero consciousness is all about?

What are the effects of a zero magnetic field?

It is said that when you are exposed to the energy of a zero magnetic field, your manifest consciousness is accelerated and filled with energy to return to your true self (Higher Self consciousness).

It is an energy that immediately projects your subconscious into reality.

Therefore, when you go to a power spot, some people will have a pleasant experience, while others will have a depressing experience because they will have to face their own mind.

That is the energy that will help you know your true self. There are realizations that come from these various experiences.

It is the primordial energy of the universe that makes the data of the subconscious mind instantly real.

If you want to explore yourself and find your true self, I recommend going to power spots.

I am sure there are many places around you that are called zero magnetic fields.

The use of Reiki can also have the same effect as going to a power spot by touching the high vibrations. Meditation is another way to bring your consciousness to zero.

Meditation is also a great way to connect to a higher vibrational frequency zone by bringing your consciousness closer to the zero point field.

How can I turn myself into a power spot?

To make yourself a zero magnetic field, you make your consciousness a zero point field.

It is like surrendering to the natural flow of energy and following it.

Instead of going right or left, you choose to be excited, comfortable, and happy in the flow.

It doesn't matter what experience you have. Whatever the outcome, enjoy the process and let go of your attachments.

On a conscious level, zero is a very high number on the power versus force consciousness map.

When you enter this level of consciousness, the manifestation of your consciousness happens very quickly.

When you enter this level of consciousness, the manifestation of your consciousness happens very quickly.

I think it's true that Christ was able to turn a cup of water into wine and serve bread, and I think it's true that Moses was able to break the sea.

Let go of judgments about the extremes of everything that happens in front of you, and accept and appreciate it all. Accept, integrate, and appreciate everything with unconditional love, including myself, all beings, the entire forest, and invisible beings.

Just as a single cell in a human body reveals the blueprint of that person's body, we humans are part of this universe.

All the data and answers are within us, allowing us to become one with the primordial energy of the universe.

The energy of unconditional love is the energy of the zero magnetic field.

When the zero-field energy flows, you become aware of your true self, you cannot help but live as your true self, and events begin to happen in reality.

The energy of a person who lives in the flow of their true self is very natural and maintains a high vibration.

The aura of a person with high vibrations and high energy is luminous and very large.

In old paintings, people's heads are glowing, and BUDDHA and KANNON also have glowing auras.

As the frequency of human consciousness increases, the chakras are activated and the range of frequency bands that can be received increases.

We are able to catch inspiration, understand energy, recognize more colors and light, and see auras.

People who were painting during this time had a frequency band that allowed them to see auras.

They may not have been imagining and drawing angels, but they could actually recognize them. The more you become yourself, the higher the vibration and the higher the frequency.

Vibration also affects the vibration of the people around you. As you live as your true self and move closer to the light, your vibration will continue to rise, affecting all the people, animals, plants, objects, and spaces around you.

You can naturally become a power spot yourself.

Even if you don't go on a trip, people may gather around you at your power spot as "tourists" who are seeing the light.

In Japanese, "sightseeing" is written as "seeing the light.

If you become a power spot, you can influence the collective unconscious, raise the level of consciousness of all humanity, and bring about a change in the vibrations of the entire planet.

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