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What happens when you become your true self?

Most people are deeply moved to tears when they "meet their true selves" for the first time in their lives. Some even faint with emotion and joy.

The "true self" resides deep within everyone.

It takes different individuals to reach this place.

In brain waves, this region is the delta wave region.

It can happen at any time, such as during deep meditation, deep awareness,

healing, unconsciousness, or when you are in touch with nature.

Once you reach the vibrational realm of your true self, it is easier to enter that energy realm.

The true self is the consciousness that never dies, that lives forever, that lives forever, that creates life.

Some call it the immanent God, the True Self, the Higher Self, the Divine Self.

In that realm of consciousness, the original self-healing power comes into play.

And the person heals oneself.

Reiki is one of the many ways to return to one's true self.

We healers are simply a conduit of pure energy from the universe.

Our healer's consciousness at that time is to be without judgment, without awareness.

Client and healer are all the same, all beings are connected consciousness.

When I do Reiki, I don't use my own consciousness to want to treat the client or want them to get better.

I do not try to change the reality of myself or my clients as it is, as it appears to me and my clients in the present moment. Rather, I accept it as perfect and just truly relax in the present.

I trust and surrender completely to myself, my subconscious, my Higher Self, my client, and the universe.

In this way, we can quickly reach the state of awareness of acceptance of what is, when we enter deep meditation.

To be who you are, just as you are, just as you are.

It is the energy that brings everything into harmony.

If you can get into that realm many times, you can create that state of awareness immediately, without the use of Reiki.

I feel that the color of the aura of a person in this realm is white. It is the color of the harmony of all light combined.

There are many people who live naturally in their true selves. Just by being in that realm of consciousness, harmony is created and the energy of love circulates.

It also has a great influence on the collective unconscious of the earth.

The 0 consciousness is the realm of creation. Every person has the unlimited power to create and create their own life by themselves.

Be in the present moment, as the true you.

Unconditional love to you.

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