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What is happening to us now?

What is happening to us now?

This is a natural dimensional ascension that is happening right now in the universe.

Earth is also in a dimensional ascension.

As you get to know your true self, you begin to awaken the energy of love within you.

Your consciousness expands and your frequency begins to raise its vibrational frequency.

As you get closer to your true self, your soul level rises.

At the same time, your chakra rotations are activated, your previously unused senses are awakened, and your body begins to change.

I hope that humanity will awaken to its true self, and that the mind, body, and spirit will ascend, and that loving people will be able to live with the Earth.

I am here on Earth to support your awakening and physical evolution.

I trust that you will enjoy living in a world full of love, in your true self.

If you want to know what it is to know your true self, if you want to know what love is, I recommend this book.

Ami: Child of the Stars

It is a book about the laws of love of the universe that will bring you back to your true self.

It is very difficult to find the original published in 1989, but the 2020 edition is available on Amazon. (I have not read the latest edition, so I do not know how the content has changed.)

It has been translated in 11 countries. It has been published up to part 3.

Ami: Child of the Stars

Omi of the Stars (Trilogy Omistars)

Ami: Child of the Stars

Youtube Audiobook

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