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One-on-one spiritual healing

To powerfully touch and return to your true light & frequency field.

  • 33 minutes
  • 111 US dollars
  • It is done remotely

Service Description

We have started a one-on-one spiritual healing practice. Spiritual healing is a healing that connects to the earth and universe, and the recipient's spirit, subconscious, and Higher Self work together to gather information and automatically send the necessary energy to the recipient to deeply heal and enhance self-healing. Spiritual Energy Healing is based on information from the client's subconscious, spirit, Reiki, Nanairo, etc., to perform healing that is necessary for the client. We work on the subconscious mind in a multidimensional way and perform healing at a deep level. We heal the whole body scan, aura, chakras, etheric body, light body, DNA, karma, trauma, etc., all the way to any consciousness and frequency field that the Higher Self desires. Instead of a one-dimensional approach to physical and mental problems, we reach the energy field of the true self and adjust frequencies in a multidimensional way. Physical aspects, including the body's structures, systems, and neural pathways of the brain. Emotional aspects Mental aspects Subconscious beliefs and past influences. Soul aspect, mental aspect, subconscious aspect Energetic aspects (e.g., meridians) All of these aspects are included and automatically surrendered to the Universe, Spirit, to identify the cause of the problem and work directly from the subconscious mind to enable radical healing. Healing is done remotely and automatically. Please select the time of your choice. This is not a session directly connected to a camera or other equipment. *The permission of the person receiving the healing is required to apply for healing other than the person themselves. During the session time, clients are free to move about as usual, but please refrain from driving as you may become drowsy. Rest and relaxation are recommended. If you wish to experience the energy, please relax.

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